Hybrid Solar System

Energy security solutions for prioritized electrical equipment

Hybrid solar power is the solution to use battery to maintain 24/7 continuous power source for important equipment prioritized by the enterprises. Application system is suitable in data centers, Base Transceiver Station, defense, health, server systems, etc.…
How does hybrid solar power work?
• The system prioritizes the use of solar energy to convert into AC power supplying electrical equipment prioritized to use by enterprises (surveillance cameras, server systems, lights, etc.), simultaneously charge the battery.
• The residual solar energy shall be connected to the grid to supply other electrical equipment. When solar energy is insufficient, the system shall supplement grid power to supply electrical equipment and charge the battery.
• In case of power outage, the system shall use solar power and battery power source to supply the prioritized electrical equipment.

Solution to ensure safety of power for enterprises

Ensure supply of power 24/7
The system stores up the electricity from the sun charging battery to ensure 24/7 energy security for prioritized electrical equipment. The system does not depend much on grid, so when the power grid has trouble, the operation of the enterprise is not affected.

Reduce noise pollution
The system operates automatically and quietly, does not use noisy, polluted, toxic petrol and oil, etc. as generator.

Save the electricity costs
By using solar power, enterprises not only control the power for important equipment but also significantly reduce the monthly electricity cost.

4 quick steps to "GO SOLAR"
DAT provides customers with lump-sum service, from consultancy, survey, design, investment analysis to installation, operation and warranty - maintenance.

Together with DAT, your solar power investment shall become simpler. You just need to request, we shall do everything for you.
Solar power system operates with high efficiency, safety during more than 35 years and quick payback, depends mainly on consulting and design unit, solution implementation and equipment selection.
DAT has over 13 years of experience
DAT is the solar power solution provider whose engineers are educated in renewable energy major in prestigious universities in the UK and Vietnam. With over 13 years of experience in implementing projects in the field of automation and solar power, DAT may meets strict technical standards for many solar power projects of commercial companies, government, school, factory, hotel, resort , etc.

Products provided by DAT are of Top 3 Best Global Brands

• CANADIAN SOLAR is of Top 3 largest global solar panal manufacturers. (According to PV-Tech.org)
• INVT is the inverter brand used in over 60 countries.
DAT is the official partner of Canadian Solar and exclusive strategic partner of INVT in Vietnam. We bring our customers prestigious products from two leading solar panel and inverter suppliers with more than 15 years of experience in research and production in the field of solar power.
Design green buildings your way
DAT's engineers are always passionate about learning, understanding and design according to the needs of each customer, ensuring technical standards, safety and highest performance for the project. In addition, DAT also commits to bring the businesses more value in design and construction:

• Optimize output with system design by specialized software
• Ensure the highest performance for fast payback
• Easy to clean and maintain the solar panel
• Ensure electrical safety and storms
• Increase the aesthetics of the project
• Fully meet technical standards of EVN

After-sales service is "more luxurious than American ones, better than German ones"

The failure to operate of system due to incidents shall cause waste and affect the payback problem of the enterprise. With a friendly and flexible support process and policy, DAT commits that after-sales service shall be quickly resolved within 48 hours with only one call to Switchboard 18006567.

After the system is operated, DAT engineers shall continue to accompany customers during the path of more than 35 years. We shall accompany you to monitor, supervise the system and commit to warranty the equipment, performance and long-term technical support.