Innovating controller technology

Automation plays an important role in production and business. As the market demand high, the change of technology is requisite for many enterprise. However, instead of replacing all the system, enterprise choose to upgrade machine by changing control solutions.

With over 10 year of experiences in Drives – Automation, DAT has research and give control solution, improve technology for machine in most manufacturing sectors. These control solution provided by DAT help customers:
Run smoothly, avoiding the impact of start-up, helping to protect the mechanical system, improving the life of the motor.
Saves power consumption, enhances system performance
Easy to control the engine speed, to produce the stable, high-quality product
Stable operation, reduced maintenance costs
Efficient DAT control solutions are verified by more than 6,000 DAT customers
Please refer the solutions for upgrading the technology applications made by DAT
Typical Applications
Incense making
Rotary knife cutter
Dyeing machine
Plastic injection
Wood vacuum cleaner
Industrial boiler
Baking machine
Cutting machine
Cable twist machine
Drawing machine


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