Delivery schedule

DAT always make effort to give to customer the best solutions/products/services. The product distribution service is one of our useful value. With a large warehouse of up to 500 kW, we are ready to respond quickly to customer needs, ensuring that our system is almost non-stop.
The DAT receives the order request and invites the customer to confirm the information.
Products will be delivered quickly to customers.
Delivery on schedule. Installation assistance, free installation.
The advantages of delivery services at DAT:
1.   Saving Delivery
DAT delivered goods free for the customer in Ho Chi Minh City
For other province outside Ho Chi Minh City, DAT will make contract with the third transporter to make sure the most rights for customers. Goods are transported safely, quickly and economically.
2.    Devoted Delivery
DAT does not discriminate the priority between large and small order, less or more quantity, we all respond with our enthusiastic, timely when customers need... DAT delivery staff are trained in professional communication skills and enthusiastic when serving customers. We send notification to customer before delivery and tracking the delivery until the product is delivered safely to customer.
3.    Speed delivery
DAT has a strict process of delivery. In Ho Chi Minh City, goods will be delivered to customers on average about 30 minutes and the latest is 60 depending on the customer location.
In order to ensure timely delivery of customers in other provinces, DAT will be flexible in the means of transportation by changing the delivery agent or deal with the third delivery to commit the customer will receive goods within one days
Hope with these procedure, customer will feel assured about the quality of goods delivery service at DAT.
For further information, please contact:
Hotline 18006567 (free of charge) or chat to chat with the consultant on the right side of your screen.
Or share your needs in here, DAT will contact you soon.