LCD Keypad

LCD Keypad

The purpose of an external LCD keypad is to provide users with information about the function of the parameters for their better understanding.

The purpose of an external LCD keypad is to provide users with information about the function of the parameters for their better understanding. When the user does not know the meaning of a certain parameter, the LCD keypad may display the meaning of such parameter. This keypad may be connected to any drive developed by Shenzhen INVT Electric Co, Ltd. The drive is fully compatible with the operation of the external keypad designed by INVT. When an external keypad is connected to the system, the system may automatically recognize the keypad and simultaneously turn off the keypad display of the system.
In the active and stationary states, the LCD keypad may simultaneously display three parameters to help users compare the parameters. In the running state, stopping into the error, the LCD screen blinks an icon, which allows the user to know the current state of the drive and better understand the working state of the control chip.z
In addition, the parameter copy function is added to allow the user to set the parameters of many drives with the same value. If it is necessary to keep the settings in accordance with the parameters of multiple motors, the user only needs to set parameter of one motor, upload the parameters and then download them to other drive. By this way, the parameters of the drive shall be identical. As a result, there is no need to set parameters for each drive.
During uploading and downloading process, read-only parameters, Password and Local addresses of communications may not be copied.

1. Because the LED screen and the external LCD keypad share the same port, the external LCD keypad and the screen of device may not run simultaneously (set P7.05 is 0: priority is for external screen).
During the use of the external LCD keypad, P7.05 may only be set equal to 0 to prevent incorrect operation. If the user accesses the external LCD keypad at another keypad, it requires to set P7.05 equal to 0; otherwise it may not display normally.
2. Uploading and downloading may only be done among the drives with same model. The user shall be responsible for any damage to the drive if not complying with this request, carrying out the transmission of parameters among the drives without same model.
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a) Diagram of Panel:

b) Function of keys:

Key symbol Name Function description
  Program/ESC Access or exit the level-1 menu; Delete the parameter shortcut
  Confirmation Access to the list; confirm the setting parameter value
   UP Increase data or function code
   DOWN Data reduction or function code
   SHIFT Display parameters in the stationary state and operating status; Select the bit to be revised when changing parameters
   RUN Used to operate in keyboard operation mode
   STOP/RESET In keyboard operation mode, this key is used to stop operation, limit function by parameter P7.04. When reporting an error, press this key to reset in any mode.
  Multifunctional shortcut key This key function is determined by parameter P7.03:
0: Quick key of shortcut menu; Enter or exit the level 1 menu.
1: Reversing key, change forward and reverse rotation.
2. JOG operation, Jog key rotates forward.
3. Delete UP/DOWN setting: The key clears the frequency value set by UP/DOWN function.
  Key combination Simultaneously press RUN and STOP/RST to stop freely.

c) Status light

Light Indication
  If the light is off, the drive is in the stationary state; if the light flashes, the drive is in the state of parameter self-detecting; if the light is on, the drive is operating.
  Forward/reverse rotation signal. If the light is off, it means the drive is rotating forward; If the light is on, the drive is rotating reversely.
Indicate the operating mode: keypad, terminal, or communications.
The light is off, the drive is in keyboard operation mode, the light flashes, the drive is in terminal operation mode,  the light is on, the drive is in operation mode via communications.
  Indicate overload alarm, in alarm state via flashing lights, otherwise the lights turn off
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