IVC1 Micro Programmable Controller

IVC1 Micro Programmable Controller

IVC1 series PLC is a micro high performance PLC with compact structure and powerful function. It can be widely applied in manufacturing industries including textile and chemical fiber, machine tool, cables, food and beverages, packaging, plastic steel, construction machinery, air conditioner, elevator and printing.

1. Small model, high configuration, large capacity and high speed;
2. Powerful positioning and high speed processing ability;
3. Strong communication networking capacity;
4. Powerful programing software
I/O I/O point 10 inpus/6 outputs
14 inputs/10 outputs
16 inputs/14 outputs
24 inputs/16 outputs
36 inputs/24 outputs
16 inputs/14 outputs/2 analog inputs/1 analog output
8 inputs/6 outputs
12 inputs/8 outputs
14 inputs/10 outputs
16 inputs/14 outputs
24 inputs/16 outputs
36 inputs/24 outputs
16 inputs/14 outputs/2 analog input/1 analog output
Logic max I/O point 172
Max special module number 4
High speed pulse output 2×100 kHz, 3×100 kHz, (3 axes)or
2×200 kHz, 2×20 kHz (4 axes, non-standard)
1PH counting channel 2×50kHz+4×10kHz
Dual phase counting channel 1×30kHz+2×5kHz
Max value of high speed counter frequency 60kHz
Digital filter function X0~X7 adopts digital filter, input filter constant can select 0, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64ms
Max relay output curren Resistor load 2A/1 point;8A/4 point group common terminal;8A/8 point group common terminal
Inductance load 220Vac, 80VA
Light load 220Vac, 100W
Max current of transistor output point Resistor load High speed output pointL 0.3A/1 point; others: 0.3A/1 point;0.8A/4 points;1.6A/8 points
The total current increases by 0.1A for every additional 1 pooint above 8points
Inductance load High speed output point: 7.2W/24Vdc;others: 12W/24Vdc
Light load High speed output point: 0.9W/24Vdc;others:1.5W/24Vdc
Storage User program 16k step (32kByte)
Permanent mainteance at power loss Yes
Max number of components maintained at power loss Bit component, word component: 2000 Bit component: 320, word component: 180
Hardware support and maintenance time EEPROM, permanent storage Backup battery, maintenance time is three years
Soft component resource Timer 100ms precision: T0~T209  
10ms precision: T210~T251
1ms precision: T252~T255
Counter 16-bit up counter: C0~C199
32-bit down counter: C200~C235
32-bit high speed counter: C236~C255
Data register D0~D7999
Local data register V0~V63
Indexing addressing register Z0~Z15
Special data register SD0~SD255
Auxiliary relay M0~M2047
Local auxiliary relay LM0~LM63
Special auxiliary relay SM0~SM255
State relay S0~ S1023
Interruption resource Internal timing interruption 3
External interruption 16
High speed counter interruption 6
Serial interruption 8
PTO output completion interruption 2 3
Power loss interruption 1
Regular Basic command running time 0.3μS 0.2μS
Real time clock Support (maintain for 100H after power off) Support (maintain for three years after power off)
Analog potentiometer 2/8-bit precision Null
Communication Communication port PORT0:RS232
Communication protocol Modbus/free port /N:N/program port protocol
Encryption measure Set password type Upload password, download password, monitor password, sub-program password, formation is prohibited
Upload prohibited Support
Application command Real-time clock, clock command Yes
Date and clock comparison command Yes
Floating point number command Yes
Positioning command Yes
High speed IO command Yes
MODBUS and inverter command Yes
EEPROM R/W command Yes No
Control computation command Yes
Character string command No
Bulk data processing command No
Data sheet command No
MTBF Relay output 200,000H (fixed to ground, mechanical stress closes to zero, with temp and RH control)
100,000H (fixed to ground, mechanical stress closes to zero, without temp and RH control)
Transistor output 300,000H (fixed to ground, mechanical stress closes to zero, with temp and RH control)
150,000H (mechanical stress closes to zero, without temp and RH control)
Servicelife of output relay contact 220Vac/15VA/inductive  1s ON/1s OFF, 3,200,000 times
220Vac/30VA/inductive 1s ON/1s OFF, 1,200,000 times
220Vac/72VA/inductive 1s ON/1s OFF, 300,000 times
Ambient environment Rated voltage 100~240VAC (normal operating)
Input voltage range 85~264VAC (normal operating)
Ambient temp -5~55℃
Storage temp -40~70℃
Withstand voltage 1 minute of 2830VAC AC current or equivalent DC voltage, no breakdown or arching , leakage current is less than 5mA
Withstand vibration Displacement: 3.5mm, acceleration:10m/s2, frequency range:5~150Hz, scan 10 times in X,Y and Z directly respectively
Withstand shock Half sine, pulse width:6ms, acceleration:180m/s2
Protection level IP20
Safety certification Design according to IEC61131-2 and UL508 standard, pass CE certification
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