Intelligent integrated controller systems for elevator EC3000

Intelligent integrated controller systems for elevator EC3000

EC3000 elevator control system is designed with modern technology combining logic control technology, advanced signal processing and CAN bus communication technology to increase safety and flexible response , helping the elevator operate smoothly.

EC3000 elevator control system is designed with modern technology combining logic control technology, advanced signal processing and CAN bus communication technology to increase safety and flexible response , helping the elevator operate smoothly.
Not only does it bring stability and safety, the EC3000 is also a smart controller with special features that exceed the expectations of users and production, trade and service units.
Highlights of the EC3000 system:
  • EC3000 controls elevator up to 64 floors with a maximum speed of 6 m / s
  • The EC3000 comes in two types of cabinets designed for machine room elevator and machine room less elevator (MRL)
  • The system is suitable for all non-gearless AM tractor and AM tractor with gearbox
  • EC3000 with built-in power circuit and UPS rescue, automatically turn off the UPS after the rescue• Built-in dynamometer for under 37 kW
  • Built-in PG board and two signal ports for multiple encoders
Please watch the overview introduction clip of EC3000 elevator control panel:
The EC3000 control system incorporates a number of specialized features that meet the characteristics of a range of elevators such as for hospital, apartment, family, commercial center elevators,etc.
The EC3000 system has been widely used for many new elevator installation projects and renovation projects, renovation of old elevator.
EC3000 system structure:
  • For human and cargos
  • Buildings, houses, hotels, hospitals,etc
  • New elevator and old elevator renovation
Elevator group control 
  • Duplex control (no additional board needed) and group of ladders (up to 8 elevators)
Floor limit
  • 64 floors
Speed limit
  • 6 m/s 
  • Speed adjustable resolution: ± 0.1% of maximum speed
  • Direct-to-floor spacing and S-curve speed gradients are automatically output according to the travel distance that makes the elevator move very smoothly.
  • CAN bus, MODBUS, RS485
  • Safety standard for elevator EN81-1 + A3
  • CE marking for European market standards, 2006/95 / EC and 2004/108 / EC
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility: EN 61800-3: 2004
  • Safety standard: EN 61800-5-1: 2007
  • 77 protection and safety functions such as overcurrent protection, overload, over voltage, low voltage, phase loss, overheat protection, etc.
Elevator mode
  • 18 dedicated elevator modes: 
- Different peak times
- Fire, earthquake and fire rescue mode
- Calibration and testing modes
- Automatic floor correction function
- Automatic forced deceleration when reaching the safety limit of the top and bottom of the elevator well
Elevator door control
  • Independent cab door (front and rear) control
  • In / Out ports allow custom programming of custom functions
  • Open programming on Open PLC platform
Economic  utility
  • Built-in control cable connectors, plug-in connections
  • Built-in PG board and two signal ports for multiple encoders
  • Operate only one flag for each floor and a horseshoe sensor for the elevator
  • Built-in dynamometer for under 37 kW
LCD keypad
  • Easily configure, monitor and diagnose the system with the EC-PAD keypad
  • Allows installation and refinement of elevator direct response in cabin
  • Show detailed explanations of all parameters, status, errors and error history in real time up to 30 errors
  • Upload, download of parameters and settings without manual
Software for installation, operation monitoring, management
  • Monitor, operate, manage elevator operations and maintain elevators with software on a computer
  • Connect, monitor remote elevator operation via Ethernet, and remotely alert via GPRS
Other functions
  • 27 useful, smart functions in operation and elevator management
  • Supports installation parameters, correct floor adjustment when installing elevators
  • The automatic start up compensation function does not require load sensing
  • Building security with smart card management (IC)
  • Set up a simple floor display
  • Two-stage open-ended winch braking: 110 VDC braking, 80 VDC adjustable winch

Value added when customers choose EC3000 elevator control panel:
1. High-quality products
The components, equipment in the cabinet including Relay, MCB, Contactor, Fuse, terminal, Phase protection, as well as cable tray and power cable are all European brands such as Schneider, Carlo Gavazzi, Klemsan, Brunskabel, Prysmian ... Omron power supplies, Japan's top, buttons of Taiwan, high quality cabinets of Vietnam. EC3000 integrated inverters and INVT integrated circuit boards. 
2. Easy installation and set-up
  • The installation and set-up of the EC3000 is easy, completing the electrical system within 2 days, helping the unit to save time and labor costs
  • EC3000 integrates on-board PG and 2 signal ports for many types of encoders: ERN1387, Incremental Encoder push-pull or open collector, SIN / COS, UVW ... for stable system operation, no interference and no need for PG card (need to add PG card when using ECN1313).
3. Save time and labor costs
  • All EC3000 board synchronous boards such as car board, floor board, display board, LCD monitor are always included with 30cm cable jacks (customers don't have to waste time and money to select, buy with the possibility of encountering many types of unfitted jack)
  • The EC3000 has a built-in UPS circuit and power control (not included in the UPS), which automatically turns off the UPS after the rescue. (Customers do not have to install CB, contactor, timer, terminal and UPS rescue circuit).
4. “More luxury than US, better than the Germany” services
  • EC3000 and synchronous board have 1-for-1 warranty in 24 months.
  • 24/7 technical support to ensure elevator technician of customers have full of grasp of the control technology and satisfaction when installing the first EC3000.
  • Detailed technical documents in Vietnamese, with easy installation instructions.
  • Flexible payment method.
  • Stocks are always available.
  • 24h technical service and after sales .
  • Free delivery nationwide. 
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