GD5000 Series Medium Voltage Vector Inverter

GD5000 Series Medium Voltage Vector Inverter

Goodrive5000 series VFD is the lasted version medium voltage VFD, designed and manufactured by INVT, this products use latest technology, widely used in heavy industries in worldwide, such as Russia, India, Africa, Middle East, and Europe. 

Feature 1: Three Control modes 
1, High performance V/F control. (Fans, Pumps, Air compressors, etc).
2, Open loop vector control. (Belt conveyer, mill drive, fibrizer crusher, etc.)
3, Close loop vector.  (Applicable to internal mixer, hoister machine, etc.)

Feature 2:Multiple types of motor drives 
Support Asynchronous motors 
Synchronous motors (Include PM synchronous motors) 

Feature 3:Four-Quadrant Drive 
Power units use IGBT for rectification, dual energy flow, energy saving and environmental protection. 
With full rated power energy regenerative ability. 

Feature 4:LVRT Low Voltage ride through 
Wide voltage anti-interference capability. The system has AVR function for stable system output when the bus voltage fluctuates frequently. 
No stop when instantaneous power off, during running, the system will not stop after power off in the set time. Can be set when power off 0-5s. 

Feature 5:Full Brand Speed Tracking 
Accurate tracking in the current rotating speed and direction of the motor without installing speed sensor
Automatic starting when power off in the set time 

Feature 6:Multiple unit bypass modes 
The same level bypass, when one unit is invalid, bypass it and continue to run 
Neutral point drifting bypass, CPU smart calculate to ensure output stable and balance

Feature 7:Excellent Low Frequency Control 
Advanced dead area compensation technology, good low frequency waveforms; Optimized algorithm of low frequency oscillation suppression, no motor resonance 

Feature 8:Master-slave control mode 
Multi-motor drive system, realize multi-motor coordination control and obtain power balance. 
Flexible grid connection, support 1 VFD drive more motors. 
Optical loop connection, max support 16 motors in master-slave system. 

Feature 9:Heat Dispersion Simulation   
With advanced heat simulation technology, high reliable structure design for heat dispersion.
System and cabinet use unique air flue, reduce dust accumulation.
PCB/PCBA duel sides covered with conformal coatings, excellent corrosive property to raise IP level.
INVT GD5000 Series VFD Technical Specification Sheet
Technical Parameters Description
Voltage Level
3KV 3.3KV 4.16KV 6KV 6.6KV 10KV 11KV
Input voltage  -15%~+10%
Input frequency  50/60HZ, ±5%
Input power factor ≧0.97(Full load)
System efficiency ≧96%(Full load)
Input current harmonic ≦2%, meet IEC standards of IEEE519~1992 and GB/T14519~93 
Quality of electric energy supply-Harmonics in public supply network.
Output Output voltage 0 ~ Rated voltage
Output frequency 0 ~ 120 HZ
Output current harmonic ≤ 4% ≤ 2%
Pulse 18 18 24 30 36 48 54
Each phase unit number 3 3 4 5 6 8 9
Control performance Control mode Vector control without PG, V/F control ,Vector control with PG
Control system DSP, FPGA, ARM
Power system UPS, Sustainable 30mins power supply while Power off.
HMI 10 inch touch screen
Speed ratio 1:50 (VF), 1:100 (SVC),1:200(VC)
Speed control precision ±1% of maximum speed (VF),  
±0.4% of maximum speed (Open loop vector),
±0.2% the maximum speed (VC)
Torque response time <200ms(Open loop vector);
<100ms (VC)
Starting torque 150% of the rated torque
Overload protection 120% of the rated current: 2 mins
150% of the rated current: 5 s
200% of the rated current: protect immediately
ACC/DEC time 0-3600s, customized
Signal I/O Digital input 8 channels digital input
Digital output 8channels relay output
Analog input 3 channels: AI1, AI2: 0~10V/4~20mA; AI3: -10V~10V
Analog output 4 channels: AO1, AO2, AO3, AO4: 0~10V/4~20mA
High speed pulse input 1 channel: Input range 0~50kHz
High speed pulse output 1 channel: Output range 0~50kHz
Communication method Modbus, RS485 interface,Optional: Profibus-DP, Ethernet
Protection function System Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, motor overload, inverter overload, input phase loss, output phase loss
Overheating, temperature controller fault, communication fault, access fault, uplink communication fault, downlink communication fault, fan overheating
Unit Optical fiber uplink communication fault, optical fiber downlink communication fault, overvoltage, undervoltage, power supply overheating, input phase loss, VCE fault, bypass failure
Others Installation method Cabinet mounting
Maintenance method Single side maintenance / Double side maintenance
Dimension(mm) (W*D*H) With bypass cabinet refer to product catalog
Weight(kg) Weight refer to product catalog
Protection degree IP30
Noise degree ≤75dB
Feed in and out method Bottom in and out; other methods are optional
Cooling Forced-air cooling
Control power supply AC 380V±10%
MTBF 100000h
Temperature of running environment -5℃~+40℃, derate 1.5% for every additional 1℃ if the temperature is above 40 ℃ and the maximum temperature is 50℃; run without load if the temperature reaches 60℃.
Altitude Below 1000m; derate 1% for every additional 100m if the sea level is above 1000m.
Storage Keep away from dust, direct sunlight, flammable or corrosive gas, oil, steam or vibration.
Vibration 2~9Hz displacement 3mm;
9~20Hz ACC 9.8m/s2;
20~55Hz ACC 2m/s2;
55~200Hz ACC 1m/s2
Accessories Optional Parts Manual bypass cabinet GD5000-MS 3 isolate switches
Automatic bypass cabinet GD5000-AS 2 isolate switches and 3 vacuum contactors
Bumpless switch cabinet GD5000-SS Embedded with reactors, used for synchronous bumpless switch between multi VFDs
Remote operation cabinet GD5000-CB For remoted control, button can be designed
Communication card AB4005 Support profibus DP protocol
PG card EC-PG103 Encoder interface
Upper PC Monitoring Software INVT Studio Used for PC like DCS, support running status monitoring, start or stop function, parameters setting.
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