EC20 Elevator Door Controller

EC20 Elevator Door Controller

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Highlights of EC20 elevator door inverter control:
  • Anti-opening, safeguard for passengers in case the elevator encounters a problem or when the cab stops off the floor.
  • User protection and obstruction (when the door is closed, the resistance is high enough, the door will open automatically).
  • Keep the door closed and keep the door open to help prevent shaking / openings.
  • The EC20 is configured as standard that only needs input connection for operation.
  • Compatible with ABZ encoder, push-pull output or open collector.
  • Compact space-saving in Din-rail design.
  • Advanced control terminal with friendly interface, easy installation and operation.
  • Position-based speed deceleration/ acceleration , which helps to close the door quickly and smoothly.
    • Multilevel speed control by position sensor and limit switch.
    • Position control by distance using encoder with limit switch.
    • Position control by distance using Encoder without limit switch.
  • Automatic door-level learning function.
  • Built-in timer for all control phases.
  • Receive close and emit open relay relay signal for door closing and opening.
  • Communication: CAN bus, MODBUS.
Flexible application
  • Compatible with a wide variety of doors.
  • Communication with multiple elevator control systems.
Control modes of EC20 inverter:
The EC20 has three main door control modes:
  • Speed control with 2 limit sensors and 2 speed sensors, plus 2 decelerator simulators in the inverter, allowing the door to operate smoothly when decelerating.
  • Position-based speed control with location feedback from the motor encoder and two limit sensors, which make the door fast, precise and quiet.
  • Position-based speed control with location feedback from the motor encoder and no limit sensor, which allows the door to operate quickly, accurately and smoothly, saving costs..
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