CHV190 Series Inverter Special for Hoisting

CHV190 Series Inverter Special for Hoisting

CHV190 series crane-specific inverter features advanced control theory and excellent torque control performance. Its abundant functions ensure the safety, reliability and high efficiency in an all-around way. In order to satisfy different customer demands, there are various kinds of mature application plans for costumer to choose from, including translational mechanism frequency conversion, full frequency conversion and common DC bus. It is widely applied in the stepless speed regulation of hoist, pitching, amplitude variation, bridge, trolley, slewing and grab.

Brake time sequence logic control and monitoring function;
Pre-excitation, starting pre-torque compensation and torque verification;
Dangerous speed monitoring, fast stop and overspeed protection;
Master/slave control power balance and speed synchronization technology;
Crane operation mode;
Acceleration at light load;
Rope loosening detection;
Professional network communication function;
Upper PC monitoring software;
Control circuit power and main power can be controlled separately;
Four groups of motor control and switching;
Realize 200% torque output at zero speed of current vector control;
Abundant peripheral interfaces and powerful protection function
Function description Specification
IO characteristic Input voltage range 400V±15%
Input frequency range 47~63Hz
Output voltage range 0~rated input voltage
Output frequency range 0~400Hz
Peripheral interface chacteristics Programmable digital input Control board carries six inputs in standard configuration, in which one input can act as high speed pulse input (HDI1), I/O card can extend four inputs.
Analog input AI1: 0~10V input; AI2: 0~10V or 0~20mA input
Programmable open collector output Control board carries two inputs in standard configuration, in which one input can act as open collector output or high speed pulse input (optional), I/O card can extend one input.
Relay output Two outputs in standard configuration, extension card can extend one output
Programmable analog output One output in standard configuration, extension card can extend one output (0~20mA or 0~10V).
Support motor temp detection I/O extension card can extend one motor temp detection terminal, support PT100/PT1000 temp detection resistors.
Technical performance characteristics Control mode SVC, VC, V/F control
Overload capacity 60s at 150% of rated current; 10s at 180% of rated current, 1s at 200% of rated current
Starting torque SVC: 0.5Hz/150%
VC: 0Hz/200%
Speed ratio SVC: 1:100;
VC: 1:1000
Speed control precision SVC: ±0.5% of max speed;
VC: ±0.1% of max speed
Carrier frequency 1.0kHz~16.0kHz
Function characteristics Frequency setup mode Digital, analog, high speed pulse, given by multi-step speed terminal, given by UP/DOWN terminal, set by MODBUS remote communication, set by PROFIBUS communication, given by master/slave mode, given by classified multi-step speed
Operating mode Keypad command, terminal command, MODBUS communication command, PROFIBUS communication command, CAN communication command
Crane control logic Brake, contactor control
PG card Asynchronous motor PG card (12V), synchronous motor PG card (5V)
Auto voltage adjustment Keep the output voltage constant automatically when grid voltage fluctuates.
“black box” function Automatically save the 17 kinds of wave information 0.2s before the last operation fault to help figure out the fault cause.
Starting pre-torque compensation
Start, stop DC brake
Provide over 30 kinds of fault protection functions: overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemp, phase loss and overload
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