CHV110 - Series Energy Saving Cabinet

CHV110 - Series Energy Saving Cabinet

CHV110 energy saving cabinet is the special inverter for the Injection molding machine. It takes full advantage of vector control technology to avoid the influencing product cycle time problem of V/f control mode; meanwhile it can save more energy. It can be used for air compressor, central air-conditioning system and escalator.

  • Control mode: Sensorless vector control, Vector control, V/F control . Frequency setting mode: comparison value of the pressure signals and the flow signal.
  • IP21 . Built-in DC reactor (18.5kW -55 kW) can improve the power factor and efficiency.
  • Built-in breaking units (7.5kW-15kW). If needs to stop rapidly,please connect the brake resistance directly.
  • Auto reset function: reset automatically when instantaneous power-down.
  • Automatic voltage regulation function .
  • Speed trace function: smoothly start running motor .
  • Bypass design: mains supply and power saving supply, can be switched.
  • Structured design: small size.
  • LED or LCD is optional. 
  • Offer voltage and current detection card (Current detection card is standard configuration.
  • Voltage detection card can receives the current signals and voltage signals.
  • If need voltage detection card, please specify when ordering).


I/O Features

Power Range

3AC 380±15%,7.5~110Kw

Input Frequency Range


Output Voltage Range

0~rated input voltage

Output Frequency Range




I/O Terminals

Input Terminals

Programmable DI:5

High speed pulse input:1(HDI1), and1(HDI2) can be extended;

Programmable AI: AI1:0-10V, AI2: 0-10V or 0-20mA, AI3 (0~10V) and AI4 (0~10V) can be extended by I/O extension card.

Output Terminals

Programmable Open Collector Output: provide1 output terminal and 1output can be extended by I/O extension card.

HDO output:1

Relay output: provide 2 output terminals and 1 output can be extended by I/O extension card.

Analog output: provide 1 output terminal (AO1: 0/4-20mA or 0-10V) and 1 output (AO2: 0/4-20mA or 0-10V) can be extended by O/I extension card.

Communication Terminals

Provide RS485 communication interface, adopt Modbus-RTU communication mode.





Control Function

Control Mode

V/F control; Sensorless Vector Control(SVC); Vector control with PG (VC)

Frequency Source

Compare pressure and flow signals output


Cabinet or wall hanging

Dual Power Supply

Main supply and power saving supply can be switched

Other Functions

  1. None-stop when instantaneous power off;
  2. Automatic voltage regulation function;
  3. Speed trace function: start the motor smoothly;
  4. PID control function;
  5. Carrier frequency: 1.0kHz-16kHz;
  6. Starting torque: 150% of rated torque at 0.5Hz(SVC) 180% of rated torque at 0Hz(VC);
  7. Speed accuracy: ±0.5% of maximum speed (SVC) ±0.02% of maximum speed(AC)
  8. Up to 29 fault protection: over current, over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, phase failure, over load etc.


Man-Machine Interface

LED Display

Can display: setting frequency, output frequency, output voltage, output current etc.

Multi-function Key-press

 The QUICK/JOG Key-press can be used as multi-function key-press.



EMC Display

If the installing and wring of the inverter together with the EMI filter according to <Manual of CHV110>, we can promise it’s must meet the following criterion:

I EN61000-6-4

I EN61800-3

[Normally, if the cable of motor is longer than 50m, it’s should install AC reactor or sinusoidal filter at the output side of the inverter.]





Environmental Constraint


-10°C ~ +40°C. Inverter will be derated if ambient temperature exceeds 40°C.


≤90%, without condensation


≤1000M, output rated power

≥1000M, output power with derating

Electromagnetic Radiation

The inverter is prohibited to be installed at the place where stronger electromagnetic radiation may occur very probably.

Store Environment

The inverter is prohibited to be stored at the place where with direct sunlight, fall of ail mist, steam and with heavy oscillation.

Impingement and Oscillation

The inverter is prohibited to drop on the floor or with suddenly impact, it also prohibited to be installed at the place where the oscillation may occur very probably.


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