Warranty Policy

We extremely regret and honestly apologize to customers for the inconvenience provided by our products. In order to support clients, in this case, DAT provides warranty policies as follows:
I. Warranty Policy:
1. Principles of warranty
• All products are in warranty period and condition when there is a technical error, will be warranted/ repaired/replaced board and components completely free.
• The warranty period is from the date of delivery (as stated on the invoice/delivery note) plus an extension of 3 months from the time of warranty.
• When the product is warranted by a renewal of equivalent product, the remaining warranty period of the old product is transferred to the equivalent product.
• DAT warranty policy only applies to products provided by DAT
2. Warranty conditions
Warranty applies to products within the warranty period and meets all of the following conditions:
• Errors, technical mistakes caused by the manufacturer.
• The serial number of the product and the serial number of all internal circuit boards is intact, not shaved/modified.
• The product must remain intact without any signs of external impact: falling, broken, distorted, warped, scratched, wetted by chemical/liquid or insect infiltration.
• The product is not intervened/impacted by any person or entity outside of DAT.
3. Warranty is not applied to the following cases:
• The product is modified or lost a main serial number and a serial number of the circuit boards.
• The product being damaged due to shipping, improper use, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes.
• Errors due to improper use of the manufacturer's specifications (wrong voltage, capacity, installation, incorrect connection ...), environmental effects (hot, humid, corrosive).
• The product was unable to identify the source/time of purchase.
4. Note:
• You do not need the bill of payment to be warranted. DAT manages the tracking the time and service history of warranty by a serial number of each circuit board and the main Series No. So please protect, do not shave/modify the serial number.
• DAT does not guarantee data/program for PLC programming devices, HMI ...
DAT will charge you for reprogramming, change control logic.
• For 100% new products, in the case of the machine is not defective by the manufacturer, if you need to return or exchange, we will charge 10% of the price of the product sold at the time of return.
5. Warranty repair service:
All products provided by DAT Company will be repaired free of charge during the period of use. In case of damage is too heavy that cannot fix, you will be offered price incentives when buying replacement parts (with warranty).
II. Warranty and repair process:
Step 1: Receive orders
Step 2: Clean the device
Step 3: Check for defects
Step 4: Replace, test the device
Step 5: Quote a price for customers
Step 6: Repair the finished product
Step 7: Delivery
III. Product Warranty Period:
Product Groups
Warranty Period 
Apply to Distributor Level 1 Distributor 
Warranty Period 
Apply to Dealer / OEM / SI / SE / End user 
   Automation & Elevator
Low voltage inverter
26 24
GD5000 medium voltage inverter
17 16
BPJ1 explosion-proof inverter
17 16
26 24
18 15
DBU Dynamic Braking Units
26 24
RBU regenerative brake unit
20 18
Inductor Reactor
26 24
26 24
EC3000 - Integrated elevator control system
24 24
EC20 Elevator Door Controller
26 24
Elevator accessories
24 24
GD100-PV Series Inverter Special for Solar Pump and Booster
20 18
BPD Solar Pump Inverter
20 18
iMars On-grid Inverter
60 60
120 (*)
120 (*)
(*): Customers can purchase additional warranty package 60 months, bringing the total warranty period up to 120 months..
IV. Location of warranty:
If you have any need for warranty, repair or other technical support, please contact the INVT Service Center in Vietnam at the following address or telephone number:
INVT Service Center in Viet Nam Male 
Address: B163, Block 3, Nguyen Van Qua Street, Dong Hung Thuan Ward, District 12, HCM city 
Phone: (08) 37157567 - Ext: 24 436 319 0909 or (Mr. Cau) 
Email : service@dattech.com.vn   
Hopefully, with detailed information about the warranty policy - return/exchange and technical support services of the company DAT can help you be peace of mind in the process of using the product.
Thank you very much!