DAT Deploy customer service center 18006567

Customer Care Center is a channel to receive and process information relating to DAT products, solutions and services quickly. Customer Care Center always strive to meet the most expectations of customers to you more peace of mind, trust the use of our products, services.
Specifically, the supporting branches of the DAT system operates as follows: 
When calling to 18006567 (no need to dial area code), you follow the instructions as follows:
  • Press 1 for Sales Consultant.
  • Press 2 to check your order information or contact Customer Service.
  • Press 3 for technical support.
  • Or press 0 if you need more information.
Operation time: 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, customers can call any time, including holidays, New Year. 
Call Charge: It's free. 
So, since 01/08/2017 if you have any questions that need advice, support products, solutions, services, you are absolutely assured contact Hotline 18006567, DAT switch always. Ready to serve to meet the expectations of all customers.

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