Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar ( operates as a global energy provider with successful business subsidiaries in 20 countries on 6 continents.
Apart from the leading producer of solar panels and solar solutions, Canadian Solar has also implemented large-scale projects with the capacity of up to 20 GW all over the world.
•    Total capacity of panel installed for many projects is up to 20 GW
•    Organize 359 times of internally quality inspection
•    16 years of experience with more than 500 international patents
•    Over 8.900 employees all over the world
At DAT, we have created technology solutions intelligent, safe and efficient. We have invested in the research, solution development with the purposes of maintaining innovations, difference and have strongly undertaken the sustainable development and improvement of life quality.

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INVT Corporattion

INVT ( is one of the world’s leading technology groups in the field of manufacturing inverters, automation equipments and electric power. INVT owns 12 research and development centers with more than 820 inventions and 220 software copyrights of inverters, automation and renewable energy.
General purpose inverters, special purpose inverters, medium voltage inverters and explosion proof inverters manufactured by INVT with the voltage range from 220 V to 10 kV and the capacity of from 0.4 kW to 10000 kW, control synchronous motors, asynchronous motors and integrated servo with many intelligence features, high efficiency and energy saving.
The products – solutions by INVT are highly appreciated and prevalently utilized over 110 countries including inverters, AC servo, PLC, HMI, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), ISVG Medium-voltage static reactive power generator, BPD Solar pumping inverter, iMars Grid-tied solar inverter, elevator control system, robot system, control system of tramcars, high-speed trains, electric buses, electric vehicle charging station, solar power products, intelligent solutions for buildings, etc
•    Products are manufactured on high-tech lines
•    Accessories and technology comply with German standards
•    Strict inspection processes
•    Fully meet international quality standards

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